Executive Summary: Pathways for Localized Water Infrastructure

Tap into Resilience: Pathways for Localized Water Infrastructure (Executive Summary)

Building on a 2019 dialogue hosted by University of Irvine School of Law's Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources  and WaterNow Alliance, this report focuses on the considerable and largely overlooked opportunities presented by localized water infrastructure—distributed systems that extend beyond centralized water infrastructure and are located at or near the point of use.

The report makes nine recommendations and identifies roughly two dozen achievable, practical action items to overcome the financing, institutional, and legal and policy barriers to largescale adoption of LWI. These recommendations and action items set a foundation for expanding access to and understanding of LWI in an effort to catalyze and accelerate the shift towards sustainable, climate resilient, affordable, and equitable water solutions.

Click the link below to read the Executive Summary. Click here to read the full report.


Tap into Resilience

A WaterNow Alliance Initiative

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