GSI: A Tool for Economic Recovery and Growth

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) A Tool for Economic Recovery and Growth in Pennsylvania

Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia’s report offers a detailed look at how GSI can be used as a tool for economic recovery and equitable growth throughout the Commonwealth and serves as a call to action for increased funding for public and private investments.

Key findings of the analysis include:

-- The number of jobs in Pa.’s GSI industry is growing faster than the Commonwealth’s overall job growth. From 2011 until 2019, jobs in the state’s GSI industry grew at 9.2% compared to Pennsylvania’s 6.3%. In Philadelphia, where there is a comprehensive GSI-based stormwater management plan, the numbers are even stronger. From 2011, when Green City, Clean Waters was fully adopted, to 2019, jobs in Philadelphia’s GSI industry grew by 13.3%, more than double the City’s 6.3%. The Greater Philadelphia region now boasts upwards of 10,300 GSI workers.

-- The GSI industry provides family-supporting jobs and accessible opportunities for career advancement for people with all education and work experience levels. 52% of GSI workers earn at least $15/hour, even without a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, several of the sectors in the GSI industry is known for being accessible to returning citizens.

-- The GSI industry spans the state and urban and rural geographies. 55% of Pa.’s GSI workforce live outside of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metro areas.

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