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Water Equity & Climate Resilience Caucus

Water Equity & Climate Resilience Caucus

In April 2018, PolicyLink launched the national Water Equity and Climate Resilience Caucus to build a national network of organizations working to address water equity and climate resilience — centering frontline communities of color and low-income communities and in 2019, Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy joined the Caucus as co-chair. The Caucus builds a shared analysis and understanding of the problems, advocates for policy updates, and enables members to deliver on water equity results for their communities. The Caucus does this through peer learning, tool and knowledge development, and also holds shared local, state, and tribal advocacy but primarily focuses on federal advocacy.

Working groups of the caucus focus on policy advocacy that addresses the most impacted communities. These working groups include:

Access to affordable safe drinking water and sanitation;

Resilience-investments that address climate-related water management;

Educational, workforce, and business pathways to resilient water management for BIPOC communities; and

Cultural practices, arts, and healing with water.

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