Direct Installations How-to Guide

Direct Installations of Localized Water Infrastructure: A How-to Guide for Local Water Leaders

Low-income households typically do not participate in water rebate programs because the challenges of paying the upfront costs, and the processing times associated with reimbursements, are prohibitively burdensome. This represents a critical missed opportunity to address undetected leaks, reduce water waste, and manage stormwater—steps that can lower water bills, protect residents’ homes and health, and help utilities build water supply resilience. Direct installation programs can help overcome these challenges, lower the likelihood of water debt and water shutoffs, and foster more equitable utilities.

Through direct install programs, utilities provide various types of onsite, distributed water infrastructure at no- or low-cost to customers, without the need for a rebate or reimbursement after the infrastructure is installed.

Check out this how-to guide designed for local leaders exploring direct install programs to overcome access and participation challenges. Click the link below to download the guide.


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