That’s the what. Now here’s the how.

Tap into Resilience is changing the definition of utility investment. Water leaders are no longer limited to the single option of expensive conventional infrastructure to address water resource challenges. Utilities can now invest at the consumer level by supporting localized strategies and experience real results. Each configuration might look different: offering residential rebates and incentives for everything from water-efficient appliances to drought-tolerant landscaping; deploying commercial, industrial, and institutional rebates and incentives for high-efficiency retrofits or onsite water reuse systems; or working with landowners on larger-scale projects.

What does stay the same is how to pay for it: because utilities can now finance these decentralized strategies as capital expenditures along with other long-term investments. Learn more about this approach, see first-hand how communities across the country are investing at the local level, and get pro-bono tax, finance, and legal assistance for scaling programs.