Tap into Resilience Toolkit

Changing the status quo isn’t easy, but we’re here to help. The Tap into Resilience Toolkit is designed to help water leaders navigate tax, accounting, legal, and financial questions in order to initiate, implement, and scale sustainable solutions for their communities. Through an interactive, customizable platform that’s grounded in real experiences and case studies, readers can find substantive guidance and implementation techniques for a path forward to transform water infrastructure.

The Tap into Resilience Toolkit is an interactive resource for utility decision makers, management, and staff. Click here to access the Toolkit!

Onsite, localized water infrastructure has tremendous potential to address our communities water needs – from drinking water to wastewater to stormwater management. But scaling up investment in and implementation of these solutions and strategies can be challenging.

The Tap into Resilience Toolkit is a resource with answers to your financing, tax, accounting, and legal questions that arise when scaling investment in decentralized solutions. The Toolkit includes interactive financing and implementing modules, videos, a resource library, a portal to receive pro-bono support, and much much more.

The Toolkit is here to help you explore, plan for, finance and adopt localized infrastructure solutions like water use efficiency programs, green infrastructure, and onsite reuse.