Financing the Future: How to Pay for Turf Replacement

To achieve thirsty, non-essential turf conversion at larger scale, Colorado cities and utilities will need to be positioned to make significant investments in these programs, as they would for other water supply projects. A growing number of Colorado water providers, as well as utilities throughout the West, are putting programs in place to encourage their public and private customers to swap non-essential turfgrass for waterwise landscaping. Target customers include commercial, industrial, and institutional property owners, home owners associations, multi-family residential building owners, and single family residents, as well as municipal departments that use a significant amount of water. Turf replacements are, in many ways, the next low-hanging fruit for reaching the State's water conservation objectives, and ensuring a secure water supply. This paper examines some of the more promising funding and financing pathways available to water providers to scale up turf replacement locally.


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