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How Distributed Water Infrastructure Can Boost Resilience

How Distributed Water Infrastructure Can Boost Resilience in the Face of COVID-19 and Other Shocks  

COVID-19 — and the ensuing economic crisis — is affecting all sectors of society, including water. Across the country, water utilities are facing lower revenues, more unpaid and late water bills, and higher costs to protect essential staff from COVID-19. These financial challenges are affecting much-needed investments in water infrastructure, both now and in the future. A recent Pacific Institute and WaterNow article summarizes the financial impacts of COVID-19 on water utilities, examines how this may reduce or delay water infrastructure investments, and explores how investments in innovative distributed water infrastructure can address some of these issues while also fostering economic recovery, system flexibility, and long-term resilience.

Click the link below to read Pacific Institute and WaterNow's September 2020 article.


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