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Seattle: Saving Water Partnership

Seattle: Saving Water Partnership

The City of Seattle and other water utilities that participate in the Saving Water Partnership offer a broad range of commercial businesses resources to help maximize water efficiency and cost savings, including rebates for:

  • Multi-family toilet replacement
  • Sprinkler system upgrades
  • Flush valve toilets and urinals
  • Tank toilet replacements
  • Refrigeration and cooling upgrades
  • Kitchen equipment upgrades
  • Commercial laundry upgrades

According to testimonials and case studies gathered by Saving Water Partnership, a multi-family building program participant saved 30-40% on their water bills and a commercial building that installed 236 high-efficiency toilets, 74 WaterSense urinals, and 250 upgraded aerators saves $114,424 in utility bills a year.

To finance water conservation programs like this, Seattle Public Utilities uses its capital budget dollars.

More information about the Save Water Partnership is available here.


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