Securing California’s Water Future with Onsite Non Potable Reuse

How Onsite Non Potable Water Reuse Systems Can Secure California’s Water Future Barriers, Solutions, and the Business Case

On November 21, 2019, UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency conducted a webinar about the potential for onsite non potable water reuse to help secure California's water future that explores barriers and solutions to scaling these systems. Watch a video of the webinar below.

Presenters: Amanda Rupiper, PhD Candidate, UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency and Amelia Luna, Project Manager and Engineer, Sherwood Design Engineering

Presentation Overview: Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems can play an important role in securing California’s water future by reducing the consumption of water and energy, increasing system resilience, and improving water security. Using information taken from a survey of water system stakeholders, this webinar will outline the barriers that have prevented the growth of these systems and offer concrete solutions to these challenges. Special focus will be taken on making the business case for onsite systems.


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