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WaterNow Survey 2019: Accessing Capital Budgets

WaterNow Survey 2019: Accessing Capital Budgets for Consumer Rebates

Leading up to WaterNow's 2019 Tap into Resilience Summit in Austin, Texas, we asked local elected officials and water managers - "Would you be interested in the option of financing consumer rebate programs out of your capital budget?"

Of the 75 respondents, 51% reported that, yes, they are interested in financing incentive programs using capital dollars with 27% indicating that they were not sure what the question was getting at and only 22% noting that they didn't really see their utility going in that direction right now.


To learn more about how communities can finance these incentive programs and scale their investment in these localized, resilient solutions explore the Tap into Resilience Toolkit here and here.

Are you already using your capital dollars to pay for incentive programs with a story you'd like to share with us? Fill out the Share your story survey, and a WaterNow staff member will follow up.

Would you like to connect with an expert who can help you debt-finance or otherwise scale up your investments in consumer rebate programs? Submit an inquiry through the Ask an Expert portal, and one of our pro bono expert panelists will be in touch.


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