40 out of 50

states will be water short over the next decade

Every 2-3 days

a U.S. city faces an urban flooding event

It’s time for a resilient water future for all.

Localized water strategies are faster, cheaper, and better for communities — both the people and the environment.


Communities nationwide are facing water challenges

Water Scarcity

Stormwater Flooding

Water Contamination

Failing Infrastructure

Localized Infrastructure is permeable pavement on-site non-potable reuse green roofs leak detection devices constructed wetlands high efficiency appliances CII Upgrades

What is localized infrastructure? Is it green infrastructure? Is it distributed infrastructure? Water conservation? YES, localized water strategies are all of these and much more. We can create solutions for homes, commercial developments, businesses, and in public spaces to enhance our water resources now and for future generations. And we can do this affordably and equitably.

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Cars aren't the same as they were 50 years ago, so why is our water infrastructure? It's time for a water transformation.


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