A Water Leaders Guide to Financing Localized Solutions

Cities, towns, and water resource agencies are turning to an array of innovative and more affordable options to address drinking water, wastewater and stormwater challenges – and to better integrate these. Some of the most promising involve decentralized, onsite, consumer-side-of-the-meter efficiency and green infrastructure programs that serve the same water management functions as conventional infrastructure – supply, treatment, flood control – but are spread out over many properties.

Municipalities typically implement these programs with consumer incentives, rebates or direct installations. Studies are showing that green infrastructure, efficiency and other types of “distributed infrastructure” can provide significant community benefits when implemented at greater scale. WaterNow Alliance, along with partners, is launching a new campaign to help cities and towns nationwide tap into new options for putting capital to work for local water innovation. Check out the attached guide for more information.


Tap into Resilience

A WaterNow Alliance Initiative

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