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Aurora Water

As the third largest city in Colorado, Aurora is located just east of the state’s capital of Denver. Like many communities along Colorado’s Front Range, Aurora has a rapidly growing population. Meeting future water demands requires not only additional acquisition, but wise use of its existing water supply through conservation. Among its many conservation and efficiency programs, the Aurora Water Low-Income Water Efficiency Program (LIWEP) was created in 2011 to help low-income households become more water efficient by replacing old fixtures with new, high efficiency models. Instead of conducting this program entirely in-house, Aurora partnered with the non-profit, Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC).

Project at a Glance

Utility Overview

  • Utility: Aurora Water
  • Location: Aurora, CO
  • Population served: 381,057
  • Service area: 162 square miles


  • Low participation from low-income households in rebate programs


  • Partner with non-profit, Mile High Youth Corps, to implement the Low-Income Water Efficiency Program (LIWEP).

Program costs and funding sources

  • Total cost: $242,335
  • Source: Operating budget

Benefits of Aurora Water's LIWEP Program

Provides water conservation resources and fixtures to low-income households
Encourage water efficient behaviors and water savings
Saved an estimated 21.1 million gallons (~65 acre-feet) since 2012
Over 500 toilets, 150 showerheads and 300 faucet aerators installed in low-income households
Provides training and education to more than 200 MHYC corpsmembers annually

Check out WaterNow’s Tap into Resilience Toolkit to learn even more about investing in localized solutions like Aurora’s in your community.


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