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Boulder Water Utility

Due to its location in a semi-arid region, the city of Boulder faced both severe flooding and severe drought. To manage floodwaters and improve water supply and quality, the city built greenways and developed a comprehensive conservation plan for unusually dry seasons resulting in residential indoor and outdoor water savings averaging 5,000 gallons per household per year. In addition to addressing its local water challenges, Boulder’s creative strategy has also allowed it to realize multiple benefits including open space, new recreational opportunities and public education better connecting the community to nature. Click the link below to download the full case study.

Project at a Glance

Utility Overview

  • Utility: Boulder Water Utility
  • Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Population served: 107,125
  • Service area: 25.7 square miles


  • Drought
  • Flooding


  • Comprehensive water conservation programs
    using localized, community-based strategies
    such as fixture rebates, new water budget rate
    structures, and a system of greenway corridors to
    manage flood waters.

Costs and Funding Sources

  • Total conservation budget: $350,000
    • Utility Operating budget: $60,000
    • Partnership contracts: $290,000
  • Total greenways budget (excluding the costs of
    the flood conveyance structures): $2,652,202

    • Annual Operating budget: $80,000
    • Annual Capital budget: $320,000
  • Funding sources:
    • Utility operating budget (conservation & greenways
    • Transportation Fund, Flood Control Fund, and the
      Lottery Fund (greenways capital spending)

Benefits of Boulder's Water Conservation & Green Infrastructure Programs

Enhances administrative efficiencies
Creates community partnerships
Boosts resilience in the face of droughts and climate change
Residential indoor and outdoor water savings averaging 5,000 gallons per household per year
Outdoor irrigation consultations saving an average of 5,000 gallons per household in the first year following the consult
Commercial savings of ~7 million gallons per year

Check out WaterNow’s Tap into Resilience Toolkit to learn even more about investing in localized solutions like Boulder’s in your community.


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