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Example: WaterSMART FOA

Example: WaterSMART Funding Opportunity Announcement

When WaterSMART funding becomes available, the Bureau of Reclamation posts Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) on the grants.gov website. The FOAs provide key information on the grant type, grant award ceiling, and how to apply. Utilities interested in applying for WaterSMART funding will need to review each FOA carefully, as the application requirements change regularly. However, as an example, the FOA for Water and Energy Efficiency Grants for Fiscal Year 2021 posted on June 16, 2020 (shown below), identifies the application closing date of September 17, 2020, a funding ceiling of $2M, and an expectation to award 40 grants.

Interested parties can also subscribe to receive notification of new FOAs by creating a grants.gov profile here.

Click the link below to view the FOA.


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