Exploring GSI Funding & Financing Options for Eugene

Exploring Green Stormwater Infrastructure Funding and Financing Options for Eugene, Oregon

With over 400 public property GSI facilities and 1,200 private property facilities, and intentions to continue to install additional green infrastructure facilities, Eugene faces challenges with the rising cost of ongoing operation and maintenance (O&M) of public facilities and oversight of maintenance of private facilities, which are currently the responsibility of the City’s Parks and Open Space Division. To support the City’s efforts to build green infrastructure throughout the community on public and private property while meeting operation and maintenance needs, in partnership with WaterNow, American Rivers, and Corona Environmental Consulting, a multidisciplinary team of city engineers, financial managers, and GSI operators from City Public Works have been exploring funding, financing, and incentives that may be available to Eugene.

In particular, WaterNow worked with the City to explore funding and financing options for addressing the rising cost of GSI facility maintenance and to further enhance investment in GSI facilities on public and private property for accelerated environmental benefits. This report details WaterNow’s exploration of approaches to closing the identified funding gap for ongoing O&M costs, examination of Eugene’s options to leverage municipal bonds or other forms of debt to finance capital investments in public and private GSI facilities, and provides a hypothetical example of how Eugene might finance an enhanced GSI program.

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