Funding Water Efficiency via SRF Programs

Funding Water Efficiency via SRF Programs Use state revolving funds for water efficiency. This saves money in the long run, avoiding expensive future projects and reducing “lost water”. Water efficiency also helps withstand droughts by decreasing demand of limited quality water, rendering drastic water policies unnecessary. By reducing waste and consumption, allow your community to step towards a more environmentally conscious future. You’ll do this by reducing wastewater flows, sustaining aquifers, and lessening pollution from saltwater intrusion. CWSRF and DWSRF programs work like banks offering loans for infrastructure improvements to protect public health. Florida implements water audit and leak detection to avoid excess costs and water wasted unnecessarily. To receive funding, contact your state DWSRF or CWSRF representative, to hear your states’ annual Intended Use Plan (IUP). Use specific ideas like installing water meters, water-efficient devices, funding incentive programs, installing dual pipe distribution systems, and educating the public.


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