Governance Options & Opportunities

Governance Options, and Opportunities, for Public Clean Water Agencies in a COVID-19 World

By: Moonshot Missions for National Association of Clean Water Agencies

"The COVID-19 pandemic heightened beyond measure the threats posed by these existing challenges. Protecting courageous water professionals that deliver drinking water and clean water services from exposure to health risks requires social distancing and staggered shifts – accentuating the reliance on critical and hard-to-replace essential personnel. Support for the public health of all citizens, particularly those in underserved communities, has fostered widespread suspension of service shut-offs, late fees, and the advent of new payment plans.

The good news is that – despite revenue and operational impacts — the water sector overall is resilient and has demonstrated terrific leadership in its response to the pandemic. Promising technology enables distance operations and management, virtual control systems are field-tested and proving worthy of further study or implementation. Most importantly, utilities have moved quickly to consider and implement new governance, procurement, and financial management systems. One of the astonishing stories of the pandemic is how water, this lifegiving resource critical to hygiene and stemming the spread of the virus, continues to flow safely and largely without interruption despite the current challenges."

NACWA partnered with Moonshot Missions to create this checklist they recommend a clean water utility review before considering or accepting proposals for private funding, management and/or ownership.

Continue reading the full report and access the checklist by clicking the link below.


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