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L2L Operations & Maintenance Manual

On September 10, the City Council of Golden, Colorado, approved a “Laundry-to-Landscape” (L2L) graywater ordinance – the first in Colorado to focus exclusively on L2L systems, and only the fourth graywater ordinance in the state. Golden’s ordinance allows participating single-family residences to water non-edible outdoor plants with water from their laundry machines and laundry room sinks, meaning the potable water they would have used for irrigation can be saved. The ordinance is a step toward achieving Golden’s sustainability goal of reducing per capita total water use by at least 15% by 2030.

To provide residents that install L2L systems at their homes, the City developed the Laundry-to-Landscape Operations & Maintenance Manual. The manual provides guidance on how homeowners should operate and maintain their L2L systems to ensure they meet all the public safety and other requirements of Golden's ordinance.

Click the link below to download a copy of the manual from the City's website.


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