Lead Communications Guide and Toolkit

American Water Works Association's Lead Communications Guide and Toolkit

The U.S. EPA’s revised Lead and Copper Rule follows water crisis situations that captured national headlines and eroded public confidence in drinking water. The rule presents utilities with new challenges, but fundamentally, the rule is an opportunity to strengthen public trust. Regardless of whether you have a dedicated communications department, we all have the responsibility to engage with our communities and tell the story of drinking water and what we do to minimize the risk of lead getting into the drinking water.

AWWA’s Lead Communications Guide and Toolkit draws insights and examples from utilities throughout the United States and Canada that are at the forefront of communicating about water quality and lead. This document includes the following:

+Communication best practices, examples, and guidance.

+Tips on communicating about water quality with your community.

+A summary of the LCRR requirements and what they mean for your utility’s communication and outreach efforts.

+Checklists for meeting key LCRR communication and outreach requirements and assessing your readiness for implementation.

Click the link below to download the toolkit.


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