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Los Angeles County: Measure W

Los Angeles County: Measure W

In November 2018, Los Angeles County voters passed a parcel tax commonly referred to as "Measure W" that will fund the County's Safe, Clean Water Program.

The parcel tax established by Measure W will be assessed to every property on the County’s existing tax roll and will be based on the amount of stormwater each property generates, measured in terms of impervious area. To help taxpayers understand how the new tax will apply to their property, the County developed an online tax calculator tool that is available here.

The tax revenue generated will then be used to help LA County make much-needed localized water infrastructure investments to manage its water supply through projects that capture rainwater and re-use it onsite or allow it to infiltrate back into the ground as well as its water quality through projects that manage rainwater at or near the site where it falls and prevents it from gathering pollutants. The below map shows projects throughout LA County that are eligible for funding from Measure W tax revenues. 

These projects are all be eligible for funding as part of the Safe Clean Water Program.


Click the link below to read more about Measure W and LA County's Safe, Clean Water Program.


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