Maryland EPA Sustainable Communities Report

Maryland EPA Sustainable Communities Pilot Project Report

Maryland has made efforts to revise its project priority system (how it ranks and then prioritizes projects eligible for CWSRF). It aligns with several goals and actions being advanced at the national level, including those of the HUD‐DOT‐EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities. CWSRF assistance is now based on these values: public health and water quality; smart growth and sustainability; targeting investments to key watersheds; and cost‐effectiveness. MDE is emphasizing support of cost‐effective infrastructure investments through its revised Integrated Project Priority System (IPSS). Applicants’ project area must be withing a Priority Funding Area (PFA), areas in which state and local governments want to encourage and support economic development and new growth, and consistent with the County Water and Sewerage Plan. This project report includes considerations such as encouraging updating existing infrastructure, improving decentralized system management, and improving coordinated -and long term- infrastructure planning.



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