New York EPA SRF Sustainability Report

New York EPA SRF Sustainbaility Pilot Project Report

In 2008, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) estimates the repairing replacing and updating of New York’s wastewater infrastructure to be $36.2 billion over the next two decades. After receiving ARRA funding, the states’ CWC partnership has since raised awareness surrounding New York wastewater infrastructure. A stakeholder engagement advisory team recommends providing incentives for more sustainable projects, such as technical assistance, training, and pre-planning grants. The following report offers a review of the current state of New York’s SRF in respect to the state and the nation’s increased focus on energy efficiency, smart growth, and asset management whilst maintaining water quality. Overall, recommendations surround improving outreach and technical assistance, focusing on wastewater regionalization (without sprawl across local governments), and fairness of infrastructure funding across municipalities. For New York CWSRF eligibility, the Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Act of 2010 is a vehicle for addressing the concerts brought in this report.


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