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Sustainable & Resilient Frontline Communities

Sustainable & Resilient Frontline Communities

A Community-Driven Plan for Climate Justice in King County

As part of King County’s commitment to action on climate change and equity and social justice, the County's 2020 Strategic Climate Action Plan includes a Sustainable & Resilient Frontline Communities section focused on climate equity and community-driven policy. Eight focus areas of the plan prioritize actions that have co-benefits, promote equity, reduce harm, recognize intersectionality and the impact of climate change as a threat multiplier to other social issues such as housing, green jobs and pathways, food security, and environmental health. The 8 focus areas are:

  1. Community Leadership and Community-Driven Policy-Making
  2. Community Capacity Development
  3. Equitable Green Jobs and Pathways
  4. Community Health and Emergency Preparedness
  5. Food Systems and Food Security
  6. Housing Security and AntiDisplacement
  7. Energy Justice and Utilities
  8. Transportation Access and Equity

These focus areas were developed through a community-driven process where leaders of frontline communities established the goals and guided the priority areas for climate action based on climate justice values and community needs.

Click the link below to read the full Sustainable & Resilient Frontline Communities section of the plan.


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