Tools for climate change, water, and environmental justice

Risk assessment tools for water utilities and communities.

Rural Community Assistance Partnership Incorporated
December 20, 2023


There are various interactive and free webtools published to give information on climate change, water, equity, and environmental justice. These tools can help communities and water utilities to understand their risk and vulnerabilities, plan for increased resilience, support grant proposals, strategize capital improvements, and inform decisions. They also help communities to increase their resilience against disasters and climate change impacts through adaptation measures.

This website compiles an overview of these tools to help you find what tools suit the needs of your community or project. Note that while these tools provide valuable information, datasets with nationwide availability use data that are often modeled, may be outdated, may lack local context, and may not describe the reality in your community adequately. There can be uncertainty in demographic and environmental data, especially when looking at a small geographic area. The same risk score in two communities does not mean the risks are equal or comparable.


Tap into Resilience

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