Water Wise Landscapes: A Cost-Effective HOA Investment

Water Wise Landscapes: A Cost-Effective HOA Investment in Resilience

In recent years, Colorado has seen unprecedented momentum behind the replacement of non- functional, cool season turfgrass – such as Kentucky bluegrass – with water wise plants and grasses that significantly reduce outdoor water demand while providing important environmental, economic, and community benefits. Since Homeowners Association (HOA) communities are widespread in Colorado, replacing irrigated but unused turf on HOA-managed properties, like community entryways or large common areas, presents an important water savings opportunity for HOAs, water providers, and the state as a whole.

This report aims to help HOAs successfully leverage funding and financing opportunities to pay for turf conversion projects, to maximize their return on investment, and to make informed financial decisions about their project. Case studies are included to demonstrate how other Colorado HOAs have successfully funded, implemented, and benefitted from turf conversion projects. Since HOAs are managed, governed, and funded differently from, for example, a city that wants to replace turfgrass at city hall, the report addresses how the funding and financing opportunities available to HOAs will also be different. Identifying funding is one of several important phases involved in carrying out a successful turf conversion project from start to finish.

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