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Motivating Private Property Owners: Rates, Fees, Incentives

Motivating Private Property Owners: Rates, Fees, and Financial Incentives

Drinking water rates, stormwater fees, and other payments customers make to water utilities can play an important role in incentivizing private property owners to employ localized water infrastructure strategies. Rebates, grants, subsidies, and other financial incentives can also be essential to motivating private property owners. Check back soon for a primer on these issues.

In the meantime, read about Portland’s Clean River Rewards program that provides up to a 100% discount on stormwater fees for property owners who use localized infrastructure to manage stormwater onsite. Or explore the Toolkit sections on financing localized water infrastructure here and here. For examples of rebate programs read San Antonio Water System's Tap into Resilience case study here and Santa Fe Water Division's story here.


Tap into Resilience

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