Water Wise Landscapes & HOAs: Fact Sheet

Water Wise Landscapes: Fact Sheet

Roughly 40 to 50% of all municipal water used in Colorado is applied outdoors, with much of this going to water thirsty turfgrass. Non-native turfgrass requires extensive, and increasingly expensive, irrigation water to stay green in the dry Colorado summer. As drought and rising temperatures strain Colorado's water supplies, communities across the state are transitioning from non-functional turf to water wise landscaping to save both water and money. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have an important role to play in this transition. Many HOAs maintain landscaped areas, much of which is non-functional turf, in community entryways, medians, and unused common spaces.

This fact sheet provides an overview of how HOAs can benefit from waterwise landscaping, how HOAs can pay for these water infrastructure solutions, and examples from Colorado HOAs already making these cost-effective, sustainable investments.

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